Henrik Mikkelsgård practice incorporates social and individual aspects of everyday life where the paintings are a platform for personal stories and experiences. His compositions are characterised by close experiences, but still lifted into a mythical story about our lives and our surroundings. The story is created by an almost naive approach, but expressed precisely with forms, colors, perspective and spaciousness. Mikkelsgård moves around in different rooms, among people, buildings and nature and gives us clarity and sensitivity, but also a room where we can continue the story in our minds.

Born 1989 lives and works in Sogndal, Norway. He is a graduate of Sierra Nevada College, (Bachelor of Arts) (2013). Further education from OsloMet (PED arts and crafts) (2019) He has previously exhibited at various group exhibitions and the solo exhibition "Vent her" at kösk (2022), "Bassengparken" in Oslo 2021 and KÖSK (Off The wall).